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Foundations for Practice to Change Legal Education—and Legal Hiring

Mark Staines
The results of our Foundations for Practice study continue to reverberate throughout law schools and the legal profession, and the concepts of “ The Whole Lawyer and the Character Quotient ” are being covered in the press as well. Recently, the Denver Business Journal spoke with Alli Gerkman, Director of Educating...

Foundations for Practice Reveals the “Whole Lawyer,” Like Doctors' Bedside Manner

Zachary Willis
Mark Staines
After the release of the first two reports from our Foundations for Practice project, Law Week Colorado published an article highlighting the groundbreaking findings, which “have the power to radically shift the discussion about what law schools teach and how employers hire and motivate a different approach to...

Legal Employers Have a Critical Role to Play in Improving Legal Education

Alli Gerkman
ETL is about to release its first major report—a study of the Daniel Webster Scholar Honors Program. The report is not even public yet, but it was already highlighted in the Wall Street Journal and criticized at Above the Law. Ultimately, if law schools are going to develop programs that better prepare students and if...

Colorado Public Radio: Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers with the Foundations They Need

Zachary Willis
On June 5, Alli Gerkman, Director of Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers , appeared on Colorado Public Radio to talk about efforts being made on a national scale to change legal education and how Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers is leading the way. During the interview, Gerkman discusses the need to bridge the gap between law...