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Family Justice Initiative

Eldercaring Coordination: Alternative Dispute Resolution Focused on Elders

Michelle Morley
Michael Houlberg
Eldercaring Coordination is an innovative dispute resolution process for high-conflict cases, providing an alternative to the traditional adversarial court process. By directly focusing on elders and their legally authorized decisionmakers, Eldercaring Coordination helps families work together to regain harmony and...

Indiana Family Law Taskforce Will Consider IAALS-Supported Recommendations

Maddie Hosack
In late September, the Indiana Supreme Court announced the creation of the Indiana Innovation Initiative. One of the initiative’s two subgroups, the Family Law Taskforce, will consider the Family Justice Initiative Principles supported by IAALS in order to improve the way Indiana’s courts handle domestic relations...

New IAALS Guides Help Courts Create Effective Self-Help Materials, Expand ADR, and Better Manage Trials with Self-Represented Litigants

Natalie Anne Knowlton
Michael Houlberg
In partnership with national experts, IAALS has developed three new guides to support real change in state courts. Stemming from our work on the Civil Justice Initiative and Family Justice Initiative, the guides are designed to assist in creating effective self-help information for those who need it, developing...