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Denver Law Course Highlights Lawyer Well-Being and Foundations for Practice

Heather Buchanan
In direct response to an ABA study on attorney well-being and IAALS’ Foundations for Practice project and findings, University of Denver Sturm College of Law Professor Debra Austin brought to life a class called “Professionalism and Well-Being Skills for the Effective Lawyer,” which began this fall.

Understanding Summary Judgment in the United States—and How to Improve It

Heather Buchanan
Law Week Colorado recently highlighted IAALS’ new report on the landscape of summary judgment motions practice. The report is intended to serve as a foundation for conversations about current practices and eventual improvements, and recognizes that motions practice—as much as discovery—has a role to play in civil...

IAALS Talks Modernizing State Courts in Metropolitan Corporate Counsel

Heather Buchanan
In a recent article for Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, IAALS Executive Director Rebecca Love Kourlis and Rule One Initiative Director Brittany Kauffman discuss how state court and bar leaders across the country are gearing up for major civil justice reforms using the recently released Roadmap for Implementation. The...

O’Connor Advisory Committee Warns of State Lawmakers' Attacks on the Judiciary

Carolyn A. Tyler
Our O’Connor Advisory Committee (OAC) members are sounding the alarm about a growing and concerning pattern: state lawmakers all but declaring war on our courts. In defense of America’s system of checks and balances, the OAC banded together on an op-ed that ran in the Arizona Republic last week. In “If you like checks...

Disruptive Innovation: Economist Profiles Center for Out-of-Court Divorce

Carolyn A. Tyler
Reporter Haley Cohen of The Economist recently toured the Center for Out-of-Court Divorce (COCD) in Denver and wrote about her experience in a December article titled Disruptive Innovation: A spate of start-ups offer alternatives to traditional divorce . We’re delighted to see the COCD attract international media...

Foundations for Practice to Change Legal Education—and Legal Hiring

Mark Staines
The results of our Foundations for Practice study continue to reverberate throughout law schools and the legal profession, and the concepts of “ The Whole Lawyer and the Character Quotient ” are being covered in the press as well. Recently, the Denver Business Journal spoke with Alli Gerkman, Director of Educating...

Foundations for Practice Reveals the “Whole Lawyer,” Like Doctors' Bedside Manner

Zachary Willis
Mark Staines
After the release of the first two reports from our Foundations for Practice project, Law Week Colorado published an article highlighting the groundbreaking findings, which “have the power to radically shift the discussion about what law schools teach and how employers hire and motivate a different approach to...