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Implementation of CJI Committee Recommendations

Expert Opinion: State Courts, You’ve Had the Framework to Adapt to COVID-19 All Along

Brooke Meyer
Courts currently face a backlog of civil cases that have been placed on hold since mid-March, as well as a predicted wave of case filings stemming from the pandemic. Courts need a framework to adapt to their new reality—and they already have that framework and tools to make meaningful and mandatory changes.

Ohio's Reform Efforts Continue with Discovery Rule Amendments and Case Management Pilot Projects

Brooke Meyer
For the second year in a row, Ohio is on track to make significant amendments to its Rules of Civil Procedure and to pilot a second civil justice case management reform project. These amendments align with national recommendations for reform and reflect similar reforms made in Idaho, Maine, Missouri, and Texas.

New Report Highlighting States' Civil Justice Reform Efforts Provides Guidance for Change Management

Kelsey Montague
IAALS and the NCSC have finalized a three-year project with the release of their new report highlighting the experiences of four states—Idaho, Maine, Missouri, and Texas—as they worked to implement change in their courts. The recommendations can provide critical support to courts facing unprecedented need for change...

Civil Justice Reform Efforts in Illinois Show Benefits of New Case Management Tools and Technology

Brooke Meyer
​In June, the National Center for States Courts released the second in a series of evaluations of civil justice reform demonstration pilot projects around the country. The report details efforts in the 22nd Judicial Circuit of Illinois, located in McHenry County, where the pilot primarily focused on implementing civil...

Civil Justice Reform in Florida Includes Successes and Lessons Learned for Case Management Teams

Brittany Kauffman
Brooke Meyer
The National Center for States Courts has released the first in a series of evaluations of civil justice reform demonstration pilot projects around the country. The pilot, in the Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court of Florida, focused on implementing civil case management teams (CCMTs)—an innovative court staffing model...

Case Management Training in Maine Furthers Civil Justice Reform Momentum

Brooke Meyer
On April 29, Maine continued its efforts toward civil justice reform by conducting an all-day Civil Justice Reform Training Conference, designed to familiarize the state's justices, judges, and court staff with the establishment of three different case tracks and corresponding proposed amendments to Maine’s rules of...