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Tennessee: Plaintiff Challenging Judicial Selection Process Asks 3 on Panel to Recuse Themselves

Alli Gerkman
The plaintiff in a challenge to the constitutionality of the process for selecting the state's appellate judges asked two retired supreme court justices and a former federal judge to recuse themselves from a special five-member panel appointed by Governor Haslam to hear the case, alleging that as former judges "their...

Federal: Sen. Durbin (IL) Formed Bipartisan Screening Committee for Judicial Vacancies

Alli Gerkman
Senator Durbin of Illinois formed a thirteen-member, bipartisan screening committee to recommend potential candidates to President Obama for three judicial vacancies in the Northern District. Before making final recommendations, Durbin plans to consult with his Republican counterpart, Senator Kirk, who uses a similar...

Kansas: Conservative Primary Winners Support Move from Merit Selection to Gubernatorial Appointment

Alli Gerkman
Conservative candidates for the state senate defeated moderates in at least seven Republican primary contests , making it likely that conservatives will hold 27 of 32 GOP seats in the 40-member senate in 2013-14. One of their key policy priorities is expected to be moving from merit selection of appellate judges to...

Alabama: AFL-CIO endorsed Republican Candidate; Opponent Accused of Campaign Finance Violations

Alli Gerkman
The state AFL-CIO endorsed the Republican candidate for chief justice, Roy Moore. Though the organization usually backs Democratic candidates, its president said that Moore has a record of “treating the average person fairly in court.” Moore has also received $55,000 in contributions to date from plaintiff attorneys...