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The Pedigree Problem: Are Law School Ties Choking the Profession?

Alli Gerkman
The ABA Journal discusses the impact of Big Law's preference for graduates from Ivy League and other “elite” law schools. The article notes that such “near obsession with pedigree . . . is damaging to the entire profession” because new statistics show a student’s LSAT scores and undergraduate GPA do not correlate with...

Truth or Myth: Law Students Are Ethically Formed When They Enter School

Alli Gerkman
Professor Ben Madison ( view his course portfolio here ) argues that students continue to develop "ethical traits and values" while in law school and that professors should not take a "hands-off" approach. What we, as professors, are doing is encouraging students to think and develop their own system . By excluding...

Hofstra Recognizes Andrew Schepard's Role in Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers

Alli Gerkman
Professor Andrew Schepard was among our first ETL Fellows. Here , his school recognizes the honor. He teaches Family Law with Skills with, a course he co-created with Professor J. Herbie DiFonzo. It is based on the Carnegie Model and incorporates the traditional content of a family law course with court observation...