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Governor Hassan Creates Judicial Selection Commission by Executive Order

Malia Reddick
Governor Maggie Hassan signed an executive order establishing a judicial selection commission to advise her in filling vacancies on the state’s courts. Hassan is the third New Hampshire governor to create such an entity. The first was Governor Jeanne Shaheen in 2000, a response at least in part to the impeachment of a...

ABA Task Force Addresses Wide Range of Questions and Challenges (Morning Recap)

Alli Gerkman
If there's one thing the people in the room at the ABA Task Force on the Future of Legal Education can agree on today, it's that something has to give. But just what has to give? That still seems to be up for debate. In the opening session, opinions ranged nearly as wide as the topics, which included the deregulation...

IAALS Board Member Walter Sutton Honored by ABA with 2013 Spirit of Excellence Award

Zachary Willis
In February, the American Bar Association Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity presented IAALS board member Walter Sutton with the 2013 Spirit of Excellence Award, which celebrates the efforts and accomplishments of lawyers who work to promote a more racially and ethnically diverse legal profession. IAALS would...

Legislators in Two States Look to Alter Judicial Performance Evaluations

Malia Reddick
Socially conservative legislators in Alaska have proposed a bill that would remove the judicial council’s authority to make recommendations regarding judges standing for retention. In Tennessee, legislators have proposed a bill that would allow them to reconstitute the nine-member performance evaluation commission...