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O'Connor Advisory Committee

The Framers Fought for a Constitution that would Stand Apart from Political Fray

Rebecca Love Kourlis
The United States Constitution will be 229 years old on September 17. The Constitution was the document that charted the course for our country, mirrored in significant part in state constitutions that followed. In one respect, the Constitution is like the rebar embedded in the concrete that supports our houses,...

IAALS and Justice O’Connor: How Governors Should Fill Interim Court Vacancies

Malia Reddick
Are you a governor of a state that elects supreme court justices? You may be hearing from us. The Quality Judges Initiative at IAALS, along with Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and other members of our advisory committee, has been reaching out to governors of these states to urge them to use nominating commissions when...

Texas Chief Justice Calls for Greater Access to Justice and Expedited Court Processes

Zachary Willis
Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson of the Texas Supreme Court issued his State of the Judiciary message on March 6. In his remarks, Chief Justice Jefferson, who is also member of the Quality Judges Initiative O’Connor Advisory Committee, called for greater access to justice for litigants and families across the...