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The O'Connor Judicial Selection Plan

Americans Know What They Want in Their State Judges. Can They Agree How to Achieve It?

Jordan M. Singer
In a recent national survey asking about the importance of 12 characteristics of judges, survey respondents indicated that the public prizes a judge's professional qualities above all others, including political qualities—preferences that have obvious relevance for methods of judicial selection.

Texas Judicial Selection Commission Votes Against Partisan Judicial Elections, Recommends Further Research

Brooke Meyer
In December 2020, the Texas Commission on Judicial Selection submitted its report on the fairness, effectiveness, and desirability of partisan elections for judicial selection in Texas. Although the commission recommended against the current partisan elections method, the members did not agree on an alternative method...

After Long Hiatus, Las Vegas Review-Journal Plans to Bring Back Evaluations of Nevada Judges

Jordan M. Singer
Nevada, which directly elects nearly all of its state judges, has never implemented an official judicial performance evaluation program. Instead, between 1992 and 2013, the state’s largest newspaper conducted its own surveys of attorneys in Clark County regarding judges seeking reelection until their survey...

Trial Attorneys Play an Important Role in Judicial Performance Evaluations

Zachary Willis
Heather Buchanan
Judicial performance evaluation (JPE) took center stage in the Fall/Winter 2017 issue of Voir Dire, the American Board of Trial Advocates’ magazine. The cover story, written by IAALS’ own Rebecca Love Kourlis and Natalie Knowlton, discussed JPE programs in place today around the country and how trial attorneys, in...

Rule of Law Under Attack: Ideas for Building Trusted Courts

Rebecca Love Kourlis
The Rule of Law is absolutely under attack in the United States of America—from elected officials, state legislative bodies, and groups of individuals. The attacks are apparent in politicians’ tirades, legislative proposals that would limit the authority of courts, and assaults on established principles of law such as...