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February Summit Will Highlight Impact and Importance of New Rules for Courts and Profession

Zachary Willis
In December, major changes were made to the rules regarding civil procedure in federal courts. The federal rules refocus and reaffirm the legal community’s commitment to providing a just, speedy, and inexpensive resolution for everyone who brings their case to court. The new rules lay out expectations for lawyers and...

Sweeping Changes to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Intended to Change Courts' Culture

Zachary Willis
A wave of new amendments to the federal rules of civil procedure will take effect Tuesday, Dec. 1, sparking cultural and operational changes to the nation’s legal system. Approved last April by the U.S. Supreme Court, the amendments are intended to refocus the legal community on providing a just, speedy, and less...

Unbundling Legal Services: New Resources for Families, Professionals, Lawyers, and Courts

Zachary Willis
The number of people representing themselves in court is on the rise, especially in family court. Some people feel they can handle the legal process on their own, or don't trust a lawyer to make things better. And for many, the cost of hiring a lawyer can simply be prohibitive. In response to these changing realities...

The Top 10 Legal Culture Shifts Needed to Create the Courts of Tomorrow

Rebecca Love Kourlis
For the last ten years, IAALS—the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System—has worked to rebuild the civil justice system. After much work, and through collaboration with some of the very best minds in the country, we are finally reaching a critical goalpost in that mission. Significant federal rule...

Evaluation of Experiential Law School Program Proves Graduates “Ahead of the Curve”

Zachary Willis
Are law school graduates ready to enter the profession, engage in the practice, and serve clients? Many law schools have developed more robust experiential training in recent years. One such program is educating law students who are outperforming their colleagues in the field who have been licensed to practice law for...

Creating Momentum for Change: IAALS' Final Evaluation of Colorado Court Rule Changes

Zachary Willis
IAALS is pleased to announce the release of our final evaluation results for the Colorado Civil Access Pilot Project (CAPP), the state's experiment with new court procedures. As a whole, CAPP has succeeded in achieving many of its intended effects and the evaluation provides a rich source of information for rulemakers...