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Self-Represented Litigants

2021 Justice Index Puts Spotlight on States Who Pass and Fail Justice Metrics

Maddie Hosack
In May, the National Center for Access to Justice published the latest iteration of the Justice Index, a national survey of state civil justice policies. Based on an examination of policies across four civil justice areas—attorney access, support for self-represented litigants, language access, and disability access—...

Utah’s New Civil Rules Provide Multi-Lingual Notice, Plain Language, and QR Codes to Self-Represented Litigants

Brooke Meyer
In May 2021, amendments to the Utah Rules of Civil Procedure went into effect, several of which provide better notice of parties’ rights and obligations at the outset and throughout a lawsuit. The rule amendments are also paired with forms that include notice of rights in plain language and in multiple languages.

IAALS' Michael Houlberg Discusses Court Innovation on Pandemic Positives Webinar

Maddie Hosack
Earlier this month, IAALS Manager Michael Houlberg joined Presiding Judge Clemens Landau of the Salt Lake City Justice Court for a webinar that covered new ideas and practices that legal service providers have developed from the COVID-19 pandemic—many of which may bolster the justice system long into the future.

Voice Lessons: What We Can Learn by Listening to People Who've Been to Court

Janet Drobinske
Dedicated judges, attorneys, and court administrators have the power to establish justice in our modern time. By gathering the input of those who use the court system, who rely on it to decide some of the most important issues in our lives—like divorce and child custody—we help ensure that the courts function in a way...

Judge Posner, Self-Represented Litigants, and Changing Our Legal System

Dona Playton
By now, the word is out that Judge Richard A. Posner is retiring from the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. His retirement was unexpected, but his stated reasons for doing so shouldn’t be. In correspondence announcing his departure, Judge Posner sites apparent “difficulty” with his colleagues on the bench over the...