Zachary Willis
Annita M. Menogan is currently responsible for oversight of all legal matters for Red Robin, including compliance and corporate governance, and is a member of the Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers Advisory Committee. She recently sat down with us to talk about the future for law students and new law graduates in the...
Alli Gerkman
Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich promised to “restore the proper role of the judicial branch.” Among his proposals in this regard are ignoring federal court decisions with which he disagrees and subpoenaing federal judges to seek explanations for their decisions. He also referenced Congress’ authority...
Alli Gerkman
In a recent presentation, Professor Daniel Martin Katz of Michigan State University College of Law promoted a new law school model that, among other things, blends practice skills with doctrine and favors students with undergraduate majors in science and engineering.
Alli Gerkman
Senator Barbara Boxer continues to push the American Bar Association to require law schools to produce accurate job statistics and called the ABA's actions to date "half measures." Click here to read the article.
Martin J. Katz
When we discuss legal education reform, some of the more jaded members of our community often ask, “Why is this time any different?” They rattle off a list of dust-covered reports about proposed reforms for legal education, often dating back several decades, and wonder how we can be optimistic about the prospects for...
Stephen Daniels
This is part three of a series discussing and analyzing the results of a survey sent by Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers to 210 U.S. and Canadian law schools to explore innovations in legal education. As described in an earlier post , Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers initiated a unique, far-reaching survey of 210 U.S. and...
Alli Gerkman
Supreme court justice Michael Eakin, who is standing for retention in November, has so far raised $427,000 to keep his seat. Even though the race is uncontested, his campaign may be preparing for a last-minute attack. (Pennsylvania judges are first chosen in partisan elections and stand for retention for subsequent...
Alli Gerkman
Law School Transparency reports that 15 more law schools will find themselves in litigation with recent graduates who claim that the schools misrepresented job placement statistics and violated state consumer protection laws.