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Colorado Lawyer Self-Assessment Program Helps Attorneys Increase Access to Justice

Zachary Willis
​IAALS has long focused on increasing access to justice by helping courts develop policies and procedures to make civil litigation more efficient and less expensive. But it’s not just courts and judges that can improve access to justice—attorneys too can take steps to refine their practices to help bridge the justice...

One Year In: Judges Examine the Impact of Changes to the Rules of Civil Procedure

Mark Staines
It has been just over a year since substantial changes were made to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, aimed at reducing the high costs and long delays faced by civil court litigants. And, this effort has not been limited to the federal courts. Many state-level changes have also been implemented across the country...

2016 Marks 50th Anniversary of Merit Selection for Judges in Colorado

Malia Reddick
Since Colorado is IAALS’ home base, we are thrilled to join in the celebration of the state’s 50th anniversary of the adoption of merit selection for judges. Colorado was at the forefront of a national merit selection movement that took place in the mid- and late-twentieth century. Missouri was the first state, in...

Ethics Opinions Help Increase Unbundled Legal Services and Access to Justice

Mark Staines
As the number of self-represented litigants (or pro se litigants) continue to rise, the legal profession continues to explore alternative means of providing services beyond the traditional lawyer-client relationship. Because many litigants choose to forgo representation due to the cost of hiring an attorney, unbundled...