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Today’s Law Students and Tomorrow’s Clients: 2017 ETL Conference Ignites

Guest Post
Michael J. Madison
The theme of the 2017 ETL conference, “Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers… to Serve Tomorrow’s Clients,” captures perfectly the attitude that I have used for many years to frame my teaching. This year’s Ignite presentations put that theme into practice a myriad of concrete programs, in the classroom, the law clinic, and...

ETL Fellow Gillian Hadfield Proposes Three Steps to Improve Legal Education

Heather Buchanan
In a recent article, Gillian Hadfield, Professor of Law and Economics at the University of Southern California, commented on how the United States legal education system has in some ways become stale. She suggests that law schools aren't preparing graduates to accurately address the legal and regulatory needs found in...

Multi-Stage ADR Simulation Resources Collected and Shared by ETL Fellow

Riley Combelic
Professor and ETL Fellow John Lande of the University of Missouri School of Law has helped bring together a new collection of resources for law school professors who teach Alternative Dispute Resolution or who use ADR simulations in their classes. The website is intended to be a place where professors can learn about...