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Ten Years of IAALS: Spearheading Progress and Promise for a Better System

Guest Post
John T. Broderick, Jr.
I spent half my legal career as a civil trial lawyer in New Hampshire trying all manner of cases in state and federal court and sometimes trying or preparing to try cases in other states and jurisdictions. I learned from some great lawyers and mentors over those years. They viewed a jury trial not as a failure of the...

Change the Culture, Change the System: Perspectives from a California Court Administrator

Guest Post
Alan Carlson
Toward the end of last year when I first read IAALS’ report, Change the Culture, Change the System: Top 10 Cultural Shifts Needed to Create the Courts of Tomorrow , I had feelings of both trepidation and hope. It said a lot of things I have often thought about, but have not always spoken up about. I also shared the...

Ten Years of IAALS: Refining Our Understanding of the Self-Representation Phenomenon

Guest Post
Julie Macfarlane
When I was first contacted by IAALS in early 2014 about the possibility of replicating the methodology used to investigate the lived experiences of self-represented litigants in three Canadian provinces, I was thrilled. I had spent the previous two years conducting this (qualitative, interview-based) research and our...

Ten Years of IAALS: Driving Data-Fueled Innovation in Legal Education

Guest Post
Aaron N. Taylor
Rebuilding justice. This is an awesome charge. And it is one that IAALS has embraced since its beginnings in 2006. IAALS was started as an attempt to remake the American legal system. While our system has many virtues, it is inefficient. It is unequal. Fundamentally, it is imperfect. But we are a country of laws, and...

Ten Years of IAALS: A Valued and Trusted Partner in Securing Fair and Impartial Courts

Guest Post
Debra Erenberg
On the occasion of IAALS’ 10th anniversary, I’ve been reflecting on the strength of our partnership over the years, and on the value of that partnership as our shared work for fair, high quality courts takes on ever-greater significance. Justice at Stake is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization working to keep America...

Ten Years of IAALS: The Genesis of Rules Reform and the Call for Culture Change

Guest Post
Francis M. Wikstrom
Over the last decade, it has been a great pleasure to work with IAALS on efforts to improve our legal process and to change our legal culture. Chief Justice John Roberts devoted his recent “2015 Year-End Report on the Federal Judiciary” to a discussion of the groundbreaking amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil...

ETL Ignite: The Portals to Practice – Experiential Education at Touro

Guest Post
Myra Berman
At Touro Law Center, we have developed the 1L Pro Bono Project, a mandatory first-year program that integrates basic doctrinal knowledge, an introduction to professional skills and values, and a commitment to social justice. Our curricular reform is predicated on a multidimensional perspective that conceives of legal...

ETL Ignite: Preliminary Outcomes of an Innovation Curriculum

Guest Post
Gerald M. Slater
This post is one of a series that stems from our 4th Annual Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers Conference. The author(s) presented a six-minute Ignite-style presentation at the conference that discussed the innovations and outcomes of their school’s classes, programs, or curricula—or within the realm of legal education more...