University of Denver

Guest Posts

Professional Perspectives on the Resource Center and its Preliminary Impact for Families

Melinda Taylor
Recently, Natalie Knowlton and I provided an update to the Colorado legal community on the Resource Center for Separating and Divorcing Families at the University of Denver—a model with national implications. The Resource Center was developed by the Honoring Families Initiative as an out-of-court alternative for...

The Bench and Bar's Responsibility in the Development of Entry-Level Lawyers

Sarah Clark
One of my primary responsibilities as Counsel to the Chief Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court is to start and maintain dialogue among Colorado's law schools, bench, and bar in an effort to find and promote commonality among their efforts to improve our state's legal profession. Naturally, then, I was interested in...

IAALS and the NJC Offer Keys to Unlocking E-Discovery for State Court Judges

Steven S. Gensler
The front lines of electronic discovery are moving beyond the federal courts. In a world where everyone with a smart phone is an ESI custodian, the problems of e-discovery affect all types of litigants in all types of cases. E-discovery has arrived in the state courts, and the problems there are every bit as big, and...

New Textbook Facilitates Experiential Learning Course for Business Negotiations

Daniel D. Bradlow
Jay Gary Finkelstein
We are happy to introduce our newly published textbook, Negotiating Business Transactions: An Extended Simulations Course . The textbook accompanies our transactional law and practical skills course, International Business Negotiations, which has been adopted by nine law schools. The textbook is the first book...

Law Schools' Untapped Resources: Using Advocacy Professors to Achieve Real Change in Legal Education

Wes Reber Porter
If the current law school model is dilapidated, then it requires real structural and architectural changes. Legal education (finally) must cater to the needs of students and teaching them the knowledge, skills, and values required to serve clients. However, to reinvent legal education in a meaningful way, law schools...

Governor Hassan Renews New Hampshire's Commitment to Quality Judicial Appointments and Quality Courts

John T. Broderick, Jr.
As a former Chief Justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court and a current member of the IAALS Board of Advisors, I commend Governor Maggie Hassan for her wisdom in establishing the Judicial Selection Commission to advise her in filling vacancies on our state’s courts. Such a commission ensures that political...

Funding Justice: Strategies and Messages for Restoring Court Funding

Bert Brandenburg
When state courts are strained or crippled by budget cuts—and it’s all too familiar a scenario around the country—how can we make the strongest case possible for adequate funding? At the National Center for State Courts and at Justice at Stake, we’ve compiled "Funding Justice: Strategies and Messages for Restoring...

Keynote Address: New England Law Review Symposium on State Court Funding

John T. Broderick, Jr.
Meaningful access to justice is the most important issue confronting state courts across this country. There can be little doubt that we now have a state justice system in America that is slowly eroding while at the same time becoming increasingly too expensive for the vast majority of our fellow citizens. These...