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Russell Wheeler

IAALS Advances Justice with the Brookings Institution’s Russell Wheeler

Partner Profile
Rebecca Love Kourlis
Russell has been with IAALS from the first moment. He came to us at the recommendation of Judge Richard Matsch of the Federal District Court in Denver. Russell had just left his position as Deputy Director of the Federal Judicial Center and joined the Brookings Institution’s Governance Studies Program. Judge Matsch...

Russell Wheeler Makes a Case for Caution on Federal Judicial Confirmations

Malia Reddick
Recent national media coverage paints a highly positive picture of the current pace of federal judicial nominations and confirmations. After all, 2014 has seen 50 confirmations so far, compared to 43 in all of 2013 and 48 in 2012. Not so fast, says Russell Wheeler, an IAALS Board Member and Visiting Fellow at the...