University of Denver

Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers: One Year Strong

In the wake of rampant negative legal education press, and at a time when there are many questions about legal education, Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers has offered solutions… and hit a number of milestones.

In our first year, we have grown our partnership of schools from 15 to 24; featured 12 full courses that offer new approaches to teaching law; conducted an independent survey on legal education innovations; and built an Advisory Committee of 22 distinguished  stakeholders with unique perspectives on the skills and knowledge necessary for the evolving profession.

ETL is also hosting its first conference in just a few weeks—on the assessment of the formation of professional identity in law school—a first of its kind.

Perhaps most importantly, ETL’s website is serving its purpose as a platform for advancing legal education. We’ve gathered thought leaders on legal education and enabled them to exchange resources and teaching methods for improving and assessing law teaching.

We sincerely appreciate our supporters, especially in this inaugural year. We look forward to our next phase: working to develop Carnegie-style education assessment tools.