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Every gift furthers the pursuit of excellence in the American legal system.

IAALS depends on the generosity and investment of those who share our vision. Please give today—and consider setting up a recurring, monthly donation of any amount.

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Ways of Giving

  • Online, by mail, or phone
    • 2060 South Gaylord Way, Denver, CO 80208
    • Call Amy Livingston, Director of Development, at 303-871-6613
  • You may set up a recurring donation and/or pledge.
    • Gifts of Appreciated Stock
    • Gifts of Retirement Plan Assets
    • Legacy & Estate Giving
    • Memorial and Honor Gifts
    • Matching Gifts

Gifts of Appreciated Stock to IAALS at the University of Denver

For Stock Held With a Broker:
Depository Trust Company (DTC) transfer information:
Brokerage Firm: UBS Financial Services, Inc.
Further Credit: University of Denver
Account Number: AB-43589-A0
DTC Number: 0221
DU’s Taxpayer ID number: 84-0404231

University’s Broker:
Paul G. Arevian, CFA, CFP
Senior Vice President – Investments
UBS Financial Services, Inc.
370 17th St, Suite 4100
Denver, CO 80202
Email: paul.arevian@ubs.com
Phone: 303-820-5015 | Fax: 855-463-2012

Stock transfers are anonymous. To expedite the process and to ensure that securities transfers are completed properly to IAALS, please call 303-871-6600 to notify us that a securities transfer is forthcoming. Feel free to copy any associated DU staff with whom you are working to make this contribution.

Please include the following:

  • The quantity and name of the security or mutual fund (and the ticker symbol if known)
  • When the donation is to be expected
  • What designation the monies should be placed in upon receipt
  • Any special handling instructions or details

For Mutual Fund Transfers Only:
Please contact Amy Livingston, Director of Development, at 303-871-6613 before requesting the transfer with your broker so that we can assist with acceptance of the transfer.

For Stock Held in Certificate Form:

1. Mail the unendorsed certificate, along with a letter of instruction, to Amy Livingston, Director of Development, at:

John Moye Hall
2060 South Gaylord Way
Denver, CO 80208

2. In a separate envelope, mail a stock power (signed and dated) for each certificate, and send to Amy Livingston, Director of Development:

John Moye Hall
2060 South Gaylord Way
Denver, CO 80208

Please contact Amy Livingston, Director of Development, at 303-871-6613 for more information, if needed.

Gifts of Retirement Plan Assets

Do you have money saved in an employee retirement plan, IRA, or tax-sheltered annuity? Each of these plans contains income that has yet to be taxed. When a distribution is made from your retirement plan account, your beneficiaries will owe federal income tax. Consider leaving your loved ones less heavily taxed assets and leaving your retirement plan assets to IAALS at the University of Denver to support our work.

As a nonprofit organization, we are tax-exempt and will receive the full amount of what you designate to us from your plan. You can take advantage of this gift opportunity in several ways:

Name us a beneficiary of your plan. All this requires is updating your beneficiary designation form through your plan administrator. You can designate us as the primary beneficiary for a percentage or specific amount. You can also make us the contingent beneficiary so that we will receive the balance of your plan only if your primary beneficiary doesn't survive you.

IRA charitable rollover. If you are 70½ years old or older, you can take advantage of a simple way to help those we serve and receive tax benefits in return. You can give up to $100,000 from your IRA directly to a qualified charity, such as IAALS at the University of Denver, without having to pay income taxes on the money.

Giving all or a portion of your required minimum distribution. Depending on your age and when you must take your required minimum distribution from your IRA, you may give all or a portion of the distribution directly to IAALS. Taxable benefits vary so a conversation with your advisor can be beneficial beforehand. 

Please note: there are many creative ways to give. The University of Denver Gift Planning Website is chock-full of information and resources to help you research on what is best for you and your particular situation. Or, to explore the options further, please contact Amy Livingston, Director of Development, at 303-871-6613.

Legacy & Estate Gifts

Charitable Bequest. A charitable bequest is one or two sentences in your will or living trust that leave to IAALS a specific item, an amount of money, a gift contingent upon certain events, or a percentage of your estate. This is a simple, flexible, and versatile way to ensure we can continue our work for years to come.

Life Income Gifts. There are several gifts that provide lifetime income such as charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts. Not only do these gifts provide you with regular payments, they allow us to further our work, and you can receive a variety of tax benefits, including a federal income tax charitable deduction when you itemize. Plus, depending on your age, you receive a higher rate of return than money sitting in a traditional savings account.

Please note: there are many creative ways to give. The University of Denver Gift Planning Website is chock-full of information and resources to help you research on what is best for you and your particular situation. Or, to explore the options further, please contact Amy Livingston, Director of Development, at 303-871-6613.

Memorial and Honor Gifts

Make a gift in memory of or in honor of a special person or occasion. This maybe completed online, by phone, or by mail. Just be sure to provide instructions and the name of the person to whom you wish to pay tribute. They will be notified of your generosity in an acknowledgement.

Matching Gifts

Many companies match your gift dollar for dollar or at a percentage. It’s an easy way to double your impact. Find out if you are eligible by contacting your employer’s Human Resources department for more information and forms.


Invest in Justice. Invest in Innovation. Invest in IAALS.

It’s no secret our civil justice system isn’t serving our citizens. Frustrated by high costs, delays, and needless complexity, people are turning away from our courts and the fairness they alone can ensure. Americans deserve better. 

IAALS was founded to restore function and trust in a system our democracy can’t work without. We listen to everyday people who use our courts and we champion their needs. We craft practical, durable solutions to the challenges they face on the ground. Then we guide decision makers at all levels to make progress for everyone who needs access to justice. 

All Americans are entitled to a legal system worthy of their time, money, and concerns. With your investment in IAALS, you ensure it works when they need it.

Many philanthropists wish to have lasting impact by making strategic investments in the causes and institutions they deeply value. With our issue expertise, extensive network of collaborators and partners, demonstrated results, and personalized engagement, IAALS is an ideal partner for philanthropists who want to achieve lasting change in one our democracy’s most critical institutions. No matter your style of philanthropy or size of investment, partnering with IAALS will attain greater impact.

We welcome partnerships and offer philanthropists the opportunity to impact the areas of work of greatest interest to them. Projects and innovations at IAALS are constantly evolving to stay on the cutting edge, and we currently focus on the following areas: legal services, the legal profession, civil and family justice reform, and judicial excellence. Whether you wish to make an investment now or enhance your legacy by including IAALS in your estate plans, we are ready to assist you. 

Contact Amy Livingston, Director of Development, at 303-871-6613 for more information.


Be on the Cutting Edge. Be Part of the Solution.

Member organizations and corporate partners are essential to IAALS.

The Business Leadership Network and Law Firm Council provide critical support. They help us identify emerging issues and provide thought leadership on our work as it evolves while making substantial financial investments.

Business Leadership Network

IAALS' Business Leadership Network (BLN) is an important group of private sector advisors and investors. Member corporations' Corporate Counsel are able to meet twice annually, with peers from around the country and with IAALS staff, to discuss the challenges faced in the current legal system and how it can best be improved, from questions about the core competencies of young lawyers to the challenges of court processes and procedures.

To learn more about the BLN, please contact Amy Livingston, Director of Development, at 303-871-6613.

“The November 2017 IAALS convening on Summary Judgment offered a judgment-free, idea-sharing atmosphere where judges, practitioners, corporate in-house lawyers, and academics representing disparate viewpoints came together to brainstorm and develop practical yet innovative ideas to improve our civil justice system. IAALS regularly provides Ford Motor Company with opportunities to share its perspective and actively engage in the betterment of the bar/bench.” — Brittany Schultz, In House Counsel, Ford Motor Company

Law Firm Council

The IAALS Law Firm Council (LFC) is comprised of distinguished firms from around the country. Firms who join the LFC participate in the IAALS solution-based process and have a voice at the table of meaningful and impactful reform within the system.

Member firms invest in IAALS both intellectually and financially.

If you are interested in learning more about LFC and what it entails, please contact Amy Livingston, Director of Development, at 303-871-6613.

“The exposure practicing lawyers get to the deep thought that goes into IAALS’ work is beneficial to them and it is beneficial to IAALS to hear their opinions. Through Law Firm Council, lawyers have a platform to express their thoughts on an issue that they may not otherwise be able to weigh in on and that freedom may be a function of IAALS being nonpartisan and non-ideological.” — John Moye, Founding Partner, Moye White LLP

For information on how your firm or company can participate and impact change in the legal system, contact Amy Livingston, Director of Development, at 303-871-6613.