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The IAALS Communications team responds to media requests and oversees IAALS’ publications and other materials for public distribution, including the IAALS website. For media inquiries, please contact:

Zachary Willis
Associate Director of Communications

John Montgomery
Communications Coordinator

IAALS Media Kits are designed to provide timely, relevant, and useful information and resources about our impact and continuing work across the country to improve the American legal system.


September - Better Access through Unbundling, Case Management Perspectives

August - Upcoming Foundations Webinar, Judicial Discipline

July - Sparking State Civil Justice Reforms, Costs Awards for SRLs

June - Summary Judgment in U.S. District Courts, Making the Best of Representing Yourself

May - Redefining Case Management, Public Trust and Confidence

April - Action to Justice, the Whole Lawyer

March - Civil Justice Reform Workshops, Trial Attorneys and JPE

February - New Discovery Protocols, A Blueprint for Judicial Excellence

January - The Litigant Experience, Juror Perspectives