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The IAALS Communications team responds to media requests and oversees IAALS’ publications and other materials for public distribution, including the IAALS website. For media inquiries, please contact:

Kelsey Montague
Associate Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Zachary Willis
Associate Director of Communications

IAALS Media Kits are designed to provide timely, relevant, and useful information and resources about our impact and continuing work across the country to improve the American legal system.


October - New Legal Visionary Award, Listening to Courtgoers

September - US Justice Needs Survey Launch, Trusting the Public's Perception of Our Justice System

August - Justice We Can Believe In Requires Racial Justice, Reform Work During COVID-19

July - Regulatory Reform and Racial Justice, Public Trust and Confidence 

June - Civil Justice after COVID-19, New Pandemic Protocols, Speaker Series

May - Federal Courts Embrace Technology amid Pandemic, State Court Reform Efforts Continue

April - Responding to COVID-19, US Justice Needs Updates, Our Annual Report

March - Reforming Debt Collection Cases, Building a Better Bar, Rebuilding Justice Award Dinner