One of the hallmarks of IAALS' process is bringing people to the table to take on the challenges facing our legal system. By convening diverse stakeholders from all sides, perspectives, and experiences, we can have open and honest conversations, and reach solutions to complex problems together.

November 2023

This national convening focused on current issues and challenges surrounding the development of non-exam pathways to legal licensure. IAALS brought together thought leaders and changemakers to collaborate and ideate on ways to create cohesion across states’ efforts, best practices in developing and implementing new pathways, and recommendations for the future of legal licensure.

October 2023

We believe the regulatory innovation movement is now at a point where we can come together and share lessons learned and recommendations for launching and sustaining regulatory innovation. This convening is an opportunity to further this momentum and create an initial set of recommendations for launching and sustaining regulatory innovation.

November 2022

This convening provided a venue for experts and national partners to develop recommendations and best practices for states developing allied legal professional programs. IAALS will publish and disseminate the results as well as a framework for a new national model for allied legal professionals based on best practices.

June 2022

IAALS is beginning to focus on creating synergies between and among regulatory reform efforts around the country. To that end, IAALS invited a group of key players in the regulatory movement to participate in two days of thought leadership sessions to further this momentum and build collaborations.

May 2022

This invitation-only convening brought together thought leaders from across the country to begin formulating the future of judicial performance evaluation. Outcomes from the convening will help formalize IAALS’ forthcoming recommendations for modernizing the evaluation process nationwide.

September 2021

IAALS has launched a virtual summit series, Paths to Justice, comprised of multiple invite-only virtual convenings as well as a series of webinars focusing on the paths of the pandemic, the paths to access, and the paths to racial justice that our system must walk in our new normal.

July 2021

Across the country, more and more jurisdictions are reimagining how to deliver and regulate legal services. IAALS and its partners are hosting a quarterly speaker series to provide a forum to learn about and discuss the regulatory changes underway, the challenges they face, and the opportunities they provide.

April 2021

IAALS, The Chicago Bar Foundation, the ABA Standing Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services, and the Self-Represented Litigation Network (SRLN) hosted a three-day virtual event that focused on the major hows and whys of supporting and implementing the practice of unbundled legal services both during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

March 2021

With the pandemic still ongoing, and in an effort to share lessons learned across jurisdictions, IAALS hosted a four-part speaker series to discuss best practices when implementing virtual services.

December 2020

IAALS and the University of Denver Sturm College of Law co-hosted a speaker series—The Future of Legal Services—bringing together perspectives from the legal profession, academia, and state supreme courts—the regulators of legal services.

November 2018

Our 7th Annual Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers Conference was held November 1-2, 2018, in Denver, Colorado. Our topic this year covered Phase II of our Foundations for Practice project.

March 2018

IAALS brought together a balanced, expert, and respected group of judges, attorneys, scholars, and citizens from around the country to consider how judicial discipline commissions can best ensure both fairness and transparency, while maintaining a judiciary of the highest ethical caliber.

November 2017

IAALS hosted a convening at the Penrose House in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in November for a small group of judges, attorneys, and scholars from around the country focused on the current challenges of summary judgment and dispositive motions practice, and solutions designed to decrease cost and delay.

October 2017

What if in two days we could bring together leaders across North America to create paths that help close the justice gap through unbundled legal services? This conference brought together those dedicated to improving access to justice in order to have interactive exchanges that will lay the foundation for the creation of strategic plans for a broader implementation of unbundled legal services.
As the institutions entrusted with educating lawyers, law schools are uniquely positioned to ensure that new lawyers are not only prepared to enter the profession, but also to serve clients. The 2017 Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers Conference put clients front and center by exploring client needs; by showcasing lawyers, organizations, and others leading the way to improved delivery of legal service

September 2017

This one-day gathering brought together people interested in discussing and learning more about the history, launch, and lessons learned of COCD’s innovative service model for families transitioning during divorce or separation, and helped foster an engaging exchange of ideas about similar efforts around the country and the sharing of information and experiences regarding out-of-court models for

November 2016

IAALS brought together judges, attorneys, scholars, and citizens from around the country to consider best practices for judicial recusal procedures that are fair to both judge and litigant, and that are efficient and transparent. This invitation-only convening focused on the process of recusal and did not wade into questions regarding the appropriate or necessary reasons for recusal.

September 2016

Law schools across the country are talking about learning outcomes—what should they be, how do you develop them, and how do you measure them? Our 5th Annual Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers Conference focused on how to create meaningful learning outcomes, how to measure whether those outcomes are being met, and how to turn those outcomes into tangible hiring criteria for legal employers.

June 2016

Recent IAALS research on self-representation in family courts suggests that litigants would benefit greatly from having assistance navigating the court process. In June 2016, IAALS brought together experts from around the country to explore how litigant portals and related online self-help solutions can be leveraged to better serve divorce and separation litigants who do not have lawyers to repr

February 2016

IAALS' Fourth Civil Justice Reform Summit focused on implementing change and creating the just, speedy, and inexpensive courts of tomorrow.

November 2015

In November 2015, IAALS held a convening of thought leaders from a cross-section of the family law bar, and who are representative of the practice and broader community, to leverage the bar's expertise to better serve clients and their children.

October 2015

At the 4th Annual Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers Conference, we debuted survey results from our Foundations for Practice project, following a survey of attorneys nationwide to identify the foundations entry-level lawyers need for practice.

August 2015

Lawyers providing personal legal services cover a wide spectrum and are all subject to changes beyond their control. The 20th century model of providing legal services is in question with lawyers facing both pressures and opportunities to change. This conference looked at that business model, looked at the potential for change, and set out a course to assure that legal services are vital moving

June 2015

In June 2015, IAALS convened a group of plaintiffs’ attorneys from Colorado and around the country to discuss the present and future impact of civil justice reform in the United States.