Denver, Colorado

Since 2019, IAALS has been at the forefront of efforts to rethink how we regulate the delivery of legal services and how we can create a consumer-centered regulatory system to ensure a more robust market for high-quality legal services—one that is competitive, broadly accessible, and better meets the needs of the people.

Over the past four years, we’ve witnessed California’s attempt to develop and Utah and Arizona’s launch of sandbox and alternative business structure efforts to varying degrees of success. And more recently, additional states around the country have begun to launch programs utilizing other legal professionals and community members to deliver legal help. We believe the regulatory innovation movement is now at a point where we can come together and share lessons learned and recommendations for launching and sustaining regulatory innovation.

To that end, IAALS has invited a group of leaders from the different regulatory innovation movements to participate in two days of thought leadership sessions to further this momentum and create an initial set of recommendations for launching and sustaining regulatory innovation. Discussion topics will include:

  • Lessons learned and emerging challenges from Arizona, California, Utah, and Washington
  • How leaders in the allied legal professionals and community justice workers movements have pushed their efforts across the finish line
  • What the data tells us and what we’d still like to know
  • The stakeholder groups we need to do a better job of engaging with and how we can best do so
  • The resources the movement still needs to develop
  • How to grow and sustain the regulatory innovation movement and next steps

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