Over the last several years, IAALS has been deeply involved in the legal regulatory reform efforts in the United States. At the same time, we have also worked closely with regulators and other experts in Canada and England to understand international experiences with new regulatory models. As a growing number of states and jurisdictions pursue some variation of the regulatory sandbox model or consider regulatory reform in other ways, IAALS is beginning to focus on creating synergies between and among these efforts.

To that end, IAALS invited a group of key players in the regulatory movement to participate in two days of thought leadership sessions to further this momentum and build collaborations. Discussion topics included:

  • A framework for regulatory reform
  • Perspectives of legal innovators from the Utah sandbox, the obstacles they face, and how interstate cooperation is key to innovation in legal services
  • The international experience with regulatory reform and the value of cooperation
  • Charting the path ahead for interstate cooperation
  • Designing a model for cooperation

Stemming from this convening, in August 2023 IAALS published a report that distills key themes and recommendations for next steps aimed at bolstering existing regulatory innovation efforts and kickstarting new ones, and creating opportunities to engage new people and perspectives in the movement. Read more inĀ Community & Cooperation: Action Steps toward Unlocking Legal Regulation.

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