ETL Ignites: Hybrid Programs, Learning Outcomes, and Program Assessment

December 22, 2015

Throughout the month of December, we've been releasing the 16 Ignite-style presentations given at our 4th Annual Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers Conference by ETL Fellows and faculty from across the ETL Consortium. The short videos cover an array of issues, from the innovations and outcomes of law school classes, programs, or curricula, to innovations within the realm of legal education more broadly.

All of the six-minute videos are now online in our Resources section, including the four below:

  1. Andrew Crouse: Mitchell’s Hybrid JD Program
  2. Christine Cerniglia Brown: Learning Outcomes
  3. Dan Jackson & Hemanth Gundavaram: Northeastern Law’s Curriculum Transformation Project
  4. Docia Rudley & Cassandra Hill: Leveraging Faculty Collaborations and Partnerships with Practitioners to Develop Meaningful Program Assessment

Thanks again to our fantastic, dedicated speakers for their enthusiasm and energy. We look forward to seeing what the next ETL Conference brings!