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It’s Over Easy: Celebrity Divorce Lawyer Starts Online Divorce Website

IAALS Intern

Another online platform to help couples streamline the divorce process has entered the market. It’s Over Easy was founded by Laura Wasser, a well-known divorce attorney who handles high-stakes celebrity divorces. 

“Couples today date online and bank online,” Wasser said. “They don’t mind putting in their assets and liabilities into a computer. They’re do-it-yourselfers. If they can buy an espresso maker online, they can get divorced online.”

It’s Over Easy offers four levels of pricing for its services, which range from a free trial that allows users to generate but not download forms to a premium level that files forms for both spouses and includes a 30-minute consulting session and unlimited email support. For paying users, the site also includes a directory of movers, health-insurance brokers, child therapists, and other services that to-be-divorced couples may need. The platform has been available to the public in California and New York since late January. There are plans to expand the site to Nevada, Oregon, Florida, and Texas this year.

While some wonder if the convenience of easily divorcing online may actually encourage more divorces, Wasser said she is only addressing an issue that is already alive and well.

"People ask if I’m a divorcemonger. I say, 'Nobody is going to hear about It’s Over Easy and get divorced because there’s a good online platform. Divorce is happening. I’m making it easier.'"

This new business model is another example of how the legal services marketplace is evolving to serve clients on their terms.

Heather Buchanan is a second-year law student at the University of Colorado Law School and contributes to IAALS Online. Please direct inquiries about this post to