Law School Faculty Ignite Discussion Around New Projects and Ideas

March 3, 2017

Last September, we held our 5th Annual Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers Conference, where we welcomed approximately 100 legal educators and legal employers from around the country (and the world!) to discuss the measurement of meaningful learning outcomes and development of hiring criteria, focusing on the results of our Foundations for Practice project. It has become a tradition to kick off the first day of the conference with a series of Ignite presentations (snappy, 6 minute, auto-advancing talks) from ETL Consortium School faculty who want to share their projects, successes, and ideas. Presenters spoke on topics ranging from faculty resources to career development to simulations. You can find recordings of all of the 2016 Ignites below.

Albany Law School

Alumni Focus Groups and Pathway Competencies: capturing community expertise to inform student learning

  • Nancy Maurer, Professor of Law; Director, Field Placement Programs
  • Christine Chung, Co-director, Institute for Financial Market Regulation; Associate Professor of Law
  • Mary Lynch, Professor of Law


Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall School of Law

Talking Growth: Thurgood Marshall School of Law’s Faculty Resource Site

  • Charlene James, Professor, Center for Legal Pedagogy


University of Denver Sturm College of Law

Assessing Professional Identity Formation at Denver Law

  • Randy Wagner, Administrative Director, Strategic Initiatives


Loyola University Chicago School of Law

Building a Community of Legal Professionals- A Collaborative Effort

  • Josie Gough, Clinical Assistant Professor; Director of Experiential Learning


Stetson University College of Law

Are We Assessing the Right Things? Are We Teaching the Right Things?

  • Rebecca Trammell, Professor of Law; Dolly & Homer Hand Law Library Director; Co-Director of Electronic Education


University of Pittsburgh School of Law

Tracking Achievements and Competencies:  A Digital Badging Strategy

  • Mike Madison, Faculty Director, Innovation Practice Institute & Professor of Law


Ono Academic College, Israel

Structured Simulations for a Large Number of Students in a Short Time

  • Orit Shalomson, Executive Director, Simulation and Training Center; Lecturer, Communication Sciences and Disorders Department, Faculty of Health Profession


Regent University School of Law

Remembering Carnegie's Third Apprenticeship: A Learning Outcome and Course Designed to Advance Professional/Ethical Formation and Decision-Making

  • Benjamin Madison, Professor and Co-Director, Center for Ethical Formation & Legal Education Reform


University of New Hampshire School of Law

Exposing student foundations: professional portfolios in externships

  • Courtney Brooks, Assistant Professor; Director of Legal Residencies


Stetson University College of Law

Feedback: Fixing Problems You Didn't Know You Had

  • Timothy Kaye, Professor of Law


University of Pittsburgh School of Law

Equipping Law Students with Policy Skills

  • Elena Baylis, Associate Professor of Law


University of Denver Sturm College of Law

What Students Say about Experiential Learning: Preliminary Results from a Three-year study at Denver Law

  • David Thomson, Professor of Practice; John C. Dwan Professor for Online Learning
  • Steve Daniels, Research Professor, American Bar Foundation


Mitchell Hamline School of Law

Integrating Career Development Across the Curriculum

  • Leanne Fuith, Dean of Career and Professional Development; Visiting Assistant Professor


Suffolk University Law School

Lawyer Professionalism and Law Professorism – We Need a Universal Translator!

  • Jeff Pokorak, Vice Provost and Professor of Law