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Mercer University Partners with Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers' Consortium of Law Schools

Mercer University Walter F. George School of Law is one of the oldest law schools in the United States and has a longstanding commitment to legal education along the lines proposed in the Carnegie Report. This dedication to professionalism and practical skills training makes Mercer an ideal partner within the Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers Consortium.

The first semester at Mercer begins with Introduction to the Study of Law, a one-week course designed to inform new students of the teaching methods and goals of law school. Then, along with traditional core courses, first-year students take The Legal Profession, a course designed to explore what “professionalism” means for lawyers and life in the legal profession.

Mercer's second-year curriculum focuses on lawyering skills, including a required legal writing course that focuses on appellate advocacy.

The third year begins with a workshop on dispute resolution, followed by Law of Lawyering, where students are exposed to ethical and professional challenges. Third-year students continue to hone their writing skills in a required seminar, and the final semester helps complete the bridge to practice through an Advanced Skills course in areas such as counseling, negotiation, or drafting.

It is Mercer's holistic, curricular approach that best demonstrates its commitment to cultivating connections between legal education and the legal profession, and we are happy to introduce them as the newest members of our growing Consortium of law schools who share this ideology.

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