University of Denver

New Jury Service Game Teaches Students the Importance of Their Civic Responsibilities

IAALS Intern

iCivics, an organization founded by Justice Sandra Day O'Connor (who also serves as honorary chair of our O'Connor Advisory Committee) dedicated to increasing civic knowledge and participation, has created the jury service game, We the Jury. In this game, students play the role of jury members who must deliberate to reach a fair and impartial verdict. The students learn about the case by listening to closing arguments from each side and, like real jury members, are given instructions by the judge before being sent to the deliberation room to analyze evidence and weigh testimony.

We the Jury aims to educate students on the importance of jury service, which is not only one of their fundamental rights and responsibilities as citizens, but is imperative to our democracy and judicial system. By engaging students in these lessons, iCivics hopes to ensure future generations will understand and want to protect this essential aspect of our government and drive the will for participation, rather than seeking to avoid their jury summons.