University of Denver

Thinking Like a Lawyer vs. Performing Like a Lawyer

Associate Director of Communications

Mark Nadeau regularly teaches oral advocacy and trial tactics and is a leading commentator on international dispute resolution. As a member of the Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers Advisory Committee, he recently sat down with ETL to discuss his insights into legal education and the issues facing both law schools and new attorneys venturing into practice.

In his Voices from the Field interview, Nadeau discusses several topics, including:

  • Moving beyond simply thinking like a lawyer, to performing and working like a lawyer.
  • Finding ways to regain the confidence of law school consumers—the employers who hire their graduates.
  • The middle-management role that lawyers fill when they are hired and the skills they need for it.
  • The remedy that Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers provides for the current law school model and making students more practice-ready.

Mark Nadeau is widely recognized as a leading commentator and has chaired numerous symposia on international dispute resolution. Beyond a very active litigation practice in the United States, his international arbitration practice spans Europe, Asia, and South America. 

Mr. Nadeau also teaches regularly on oral advocacy and trial tactics. He has been recognized by such publications as the American Lawyer for his use of technology in the presentation of courtroom evidence. In October 2010, Mr. Nadeau was appointed as an Adjunct Professor at Arizona State University Sandra Day O'Connor School of Law.