• Image of Brittany Kauffman
    Brittany Kauffman
July 31, 2023
The Colorado Supreme Court recently released guidelines permitting virtual participation in trial court proceedings. While crucial, this is only the initial stride in securing a transformative change for the court, their users, and society.
  • Image of Jordan M. Singer
    Jordan M. Singer
July 26, 2023
IAALS’ JPE 2.0 project is investigating and responding to concerns about judicial performance evaluation—with a goal of renewing JPE as a valued and trusted process going forward. A foundational white paper from IAALS serves as a primer for these important developments.
  • Image of Zachary Willis
    Zachary Willis
July 18, 2023
We are thrilled to welcome two new members to the IAALS team—Amy Livingston as director of development and Danielle Kalil as director of civil justice and the judiciary.
  • Image of Logan Cornett
    Logan Cornett
July 13, 2023
The Supreme Court’s recent affirmative action ruling will undoubtedly impact law school admissions and legal hiring. Now, more than ever, efforts to improve equity and inclusion are crucial for creating a more diverse legal profession.
  • Image of Maddie Hosack
    Maddie Hosack
July 11, 2023
The largest regulator of solicitors and law firms in England and Wales recently published a report examining the potential of unbundled legal services to improve access to justice, citing benefits to lawyers and their clients.
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  • Image of Janet Drobinske
    Janet Drobinske
June 29, 2023
The demand for affordable and accessible legal services is resoundingly clear. As allied legal professional programs gain momentum, they are undeniably reshaping the legal profession—even in the face of resistance from some attorneys.
  • Image of Zachary Willis
    Zachary Willis
June 22, 2023
Divorce is complex and emotionally challenging, with state-specific waiting periods exacerbating delays. Simplifying the process and prioritizing individual agency and safety are crucial for a more equitable family law system.
  • Image of Natalie Anne Knowlton
    Natalie Anne Knowlton
  • Image of Maddie Hosack
    Maddie Hosack
June 15, 2023
Legal Aid of North Carolina is set to launch Innovation Lab, which aims to improve access to justice through technology integration, data collection, and collaboration. The Lab reflects a broader movement towards transformative approaches in the legal sector that emphasize evidence-based innovation and improved service delivery.
  • Photo of Jess Bednarz
    Jessica Bednarz
June 13, 2023
The legal community has varying opinions on regulatory reform, with some supporting, some opposing, and many unaware. As people explore this topic, they often encounter several arguments against reform—countered here with data and insights from other industries.
  • Image of Kelsey Montague
    Kelsey Montague
June 6, 2023
IAALS has released a report that includes multiple research-informed recommendations to help standardize a new tier of legal professionals across states, with the goal of increasing the options for accessible and affordable legal help for the public.
  • Image of Maddie Hosack
    Maddie Hosack
June 1, 2023
In April, the Colorado Access to Justice Commission released a strategic vision report, which outlines its two-year plan to advance access to justice throughout the state.
  • Image of Kelsey Montague
    Kelsey Montague
May 9, 2023
IAALS' new report analyzes the evolving role of courts in resolving cases and the factors impacting future filings, providing courts with the necessary data for planning, policymaking, and reform efforts.