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Maddie Hosack
October 21, 2019
In one of the United States Courts' latest "Court Shorts" videos, nine federal judges discuss the rule of law and its role in both the justice system and our daily lives. One after another, the judges make it clear that the rule of law is a foundational part of our legal system—and our lives as Americans.
Zachariah DeMeola
October 18, 2019
Pro bono work, while worthwhile and commendable, cannot supplant for the need for a significant change in the way our legal system is regulated.
Maddie Hosack
October 16, 2019
October 20–26 is the National Celebration of Pro Bono, and over a dozen districts across Colorado are offering a legal resource day or pro bono services sometime during the week. Additionally, offers a comprehensive list of events and services being offered nationally.
Zachariah DeMeola
October 10, 2019
In two promising developments for regulatory reform, the Arizona Task Force on the Delivery of Legal Services published its official report and recommendations, and the Chicago Bar Association and the Chicago Bar Foundation announced the creation of a task force to identify regulatory reform recommendations. Arizona's recommendations reflect IAALS' vision for a consumer-centered regulatory system that will better meet the needs of all people.
Zachariah DeMeola
October 4, 2019
IAALS submitted this comment to the California State Bar Task Force on Access Through Innovation for Legal Services (ATILS) as part of its request for public comment on its tentative regulatory recommendations for enhancing the delivery of, and access to, legal services. Through our Unlocking Legal Regulation project, which is launching soon, we are partnering with Utah to bring bold innovation to the realm of legal regulation and the provision of legal services.
Maddie Hosack
September 26, 2019
Alternative dispute resolution is becoming increasingly more prevalent in New York state civil courts, and New York recently announced a renewed commitment to ADR. Legal professionals believe ADR, and in particular mediation, could have a dramatic improvement in some areas of family law, including expediting divorce proceedings and—perhaps most significantly—decreasing the emotional havoc that divorce can wreak on both parties and their children.
Maddie Hosack
September 24, 2019
NCSC's 2019 Trends in State Courts explores various ways to make state court processes both more user-friendly and relevant, from newly developed apps providing people with access to legal advice to remote technology options providing better access to justice for self-represented litigants.
Zachariah DeMeola
September 18, 2019
The legal profession is facing an unprecedented crisis in serving the needs of people with legal problems. If ever we needed an era of regulatory reform, now, during the age of technological disruption, is the time. California, Arizona, and Utah are all taking bold action—and IAALS is in the thick of it.
Maddie Hosack
September 17, 2019
On Saturday, IAALS hosted its Pass the Gavel Dinner, celebrating Becky Kourlis as she stepped down from her 13-year tenure as IAALS' executive director as well as welcoming Scott Bales into the position.
Rebecca Love Kourlis
September 13, 2019
In her final post as Executive Director, Rebecca Love Kourlis discusses the public’s low trust and confidence in the American legal system. IAALS will be rolling out the results of its research in the area over the next few months, and begins with three papers, which together kick off a part of the conversation IAALS calls “Are We at a Boiling Point?”
Kelsey Montague
September 12, 2019
In the first-ever, broad-based research of its kind, IAALS is partnering with HiiL to assess the justice needs of people and businesses in the United States. The issue of access to justice is broader and deeper in our society than has historically been recognized. What we learn will provide the insight we need to reform the American legal system and tailor services to meet the needs of all users.
Rebecca Love Kourlis
September 3, 2019
With heavy hearts we share the news of IAALS Senior Director Alli Gerkman’s passing after a long battle with cancer. There are no words that can adequately convey who Alli was—and who she was to us. Alli was a force of nature. She was a captivating presence and was remarkable in her ability to connect with others. Alli knew how to get things done and how to make things work. She knew what it meant to work hard and to laugh harder. She was a teammate and a friend. And she has left an incredible legacy.