University of Denver


Michael Houlberg
December 3, 2019
Online dispute resolution platforms have existed for over two decades and have carved out an important and expanding role in the legal landscape. The 2019 International ODR Forum was held last month in Virginia, during which IAALS team members participated in discussions about the future of ODR.
Scott Bales
November 22, 2019
We at IAALS are among the many saddened by the untimely passing last week of Mark Cady, Iowa's Chief Justice. He had served as a judge for some 33 years, during which time he defended the importance of judicial independence and civic education as well as worked tirelessly to improve our nation's state family courts.
Andrew Arruda
November 21, 2019
The legal system has been regulated so tightly that it has led to a world where only a fraction of the citizens who require legal services can access them, and we cannot afford to fail those who cannot afford legal representation. Unlocking legal regulation is the answer and stands at the heart of the worthy efforts underway in states across the country.
Brooke Meyer
November 18, 2019
Colorado's first federal pro se clinic, which opened in June 2018, was recently approved to continue its work offering limited-scope individual services. The clinic's goal is to help unrepresented people navigate the complex federal court system in cases involving civil rights, labor and employment law, contracts, personal injury, and other areas of federal and state law.
Natalie Anne Knowlton
November 14, 2019
In partnership with national experts, IAALS has developed three new guides to support real change in state courts. Stemming from our work on the Civil Justice Initiative and Family Justice Initiative, the guides are designed to assist in creating effective self-help information for those who need it, developing problem-solving approaches for families in court, and providing insight for judges who interface with self-represented litigants.
Maddie Hosack
November 7, 2019
Last month, the University of Pennsylvania Law School announced the launch of their Future of the Profession Initiative. The initiative aims to “Teach, Lead, and Transform” by looking at ways law schools can “adopt a holistic vision” for the formation of lawyers, both during law school and on through their careers.
Brooke Meyer
November 5, 2019
In response to the Conference of Chief Justices' Call to Action, the Oregon Supreme Court's Civil Justice Improvements Task Force has supplied dozens of recommendations for improving civil justice, including ways to better protect consumer debt defendants. In August, Oregon implemented new procedures for tracking consumer debt collection cases and directing consumer debt defendants to the Oregon Courts website for questions and support for their case.
Zachariah DeMeola
October 31, 2019
The American legal profession is at a crossroads. We cannot continue to expect people to confront legal problems without legal advice. IAALS’ new Unlocking Legal Regulation project is taking a bold step forward and laying the foundation for a consumer- and people-centered legal regulatory system that opens the door for more service providers, more legal services, and more sustainable practices in the marketplace.
Kelsey Montague
October 29, 2019
What is it that clients value in, and want from, their lawyers? How does a lawyer meet the requirements of their clients? This information has traditionally been gathered informally and only shared internally within offices that collect client feedback. To address this gap in our understanding, IAALS partnered with Avvo to create Think Like a Client. This report uses an evidence-based approach to illuminate clients' preferences, needs, and expectations when working with their attorneys, providing valuable and much-needed insight into how lawyers can better serve their clients.
Zachariah DeMeola
October 25, 2019
Limited legal license programs, such as the one in Washington state that NCSC is beginning to evaluate this month, can effectively contribute to the expansion of the way legal services are delivered. However, their success may be hampered if they are weighed down by excessive limitations and restrictions.
Maddie Hosack
October 21, 2019
In one of the United States Courts' latest "Court Shorts" videos, nine federal judges discuss the rule of law and its role in both the justice system and our daily lives. One after another, the judges make it clear that the rule of law is a foundational part of our legal system—and our lives as Americans.
Zachariah DeMeola
October 18, 2019
Pro bono work, while worthwhile and commendable, cannot supplant for the need for a significant change in the way our legal system is regulated.