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Denver Law Firm Coalition for Racial Equity

In 2020, the five largest Denver-based law firms joined forces to form the Denver Law Firm Coalition for Racial Equity.

Purpose: The Coalition is working to advance racial equity within its member firms and the greater Denver legal community through knowledge-sharing, joint initiatives, and accountability measures.

How Does the Coalition Work?

In partnership with IAALS, Coalition firms collaborate to make informed, targeted investments to increase racial equity for diverse lawyers in Denver.

The Coalition goes beyond recruiting diverse attorneys. Though they compete for business, Coalition firms are united to make the Denver legal community a desirable place for attorneys of color—with an initial focus on Black and African American attorneys—from across the country to build a lifelong legal practice and reach the highest levels of the profession. The result will be better for clients, lawyers, Denver, and the legal profession.

How is the Coalition Different?

  1. Coalition representatives are empowered. Firms send managing members and heads of DEI, Recruiting, and Retention.
  2. Coalition firms share lessons learned and secrets of success. These include best practices as to diversity recruiting, retention, and promotion; demographic data across attorney levels; and detailed approaches to and outcomes of internal DEI initiatives.
  3. Coalition firms are accountable. The Coalition will track and measure outcomes of Coalition joint initiatives on a group basis. IAALS aggregates the data that firms share and reports back to the Coalition. Collectively, firms report outcomes and commit to improving equity for diverse attorneys across the Denver legal community.

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November 11, 2020 - Denver Law Firm Coalition for Racial Equity Convening: Through the Convening, the Coalition and IAALS brought together management representatives from our firms; federal and state court judges; leading government lawyers and in-house counsel; law school representatives; and other diversity, equity, and inclusion leaders from across the legal community to collaborate, develop, and improve strategies to recruit, retain, and advance racially diverse attorneys in Denver.