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Rebuilding Justice Award

Each year, IAALS recognizes individuals and groups who exemplify the spirit of innovation and leadership that we champion as we work toward building a legal system that is accessible, fair, reliable, and accountable. The first recipient of the Rebuilding Justice Award award was U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. Over the years, IAALS has given the award to chief justices of state supreme courts, legislators, federal district court judges, legal educators, philanthropists, and others. See the full list of recipients here.

IAALS was proud to present the Rebuilding Justice Award to the Oregon Alternatives to the Exam (ATE) Task Force in recognition of the Task Force’s leadership, innovation, and role in catalyzing the national conversation around licensure reform. The Task Force led the state of Oregon—and the broader movement—in tackling the concerns surrounding the current bar exam head on, and did so by bringing together diverse perspectives from across the state to move reform forward, resulting in a new pathway for legal licensure that increases equity and access.

Fireside Chat with Task Force Members:

Chief Justice Meagan Aileen Flynn, Oregon Supreme Court
Helen M. Hierschbiel, CEO, Oregon State Bar
Joanna Perini-Abbott, Executive Director, Lewis & Clark Advocacy Center

Alli Gerkman Legal Visionary Award

The Alli Gerkman Legal Visionary Award is designed to encourage and showcase innovators, risk takers, visionaries, and emerging leaders who bring a different perspective and a reform-minded approach to the improvement of our legal system, and who are early in their legal careers.

We presented the award to Eduardo Gonzalez, Program Officer for Civil Justice at the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, for his efforts to facilitate a narrative change for civil justice that right-sizes the role of courts, lawyers, and new and existing community advocates and social services; that reframes civil justice as an empowerment tool to build community resilience; and that restores trust in our legal system.



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