On September 20th and 21st, IAALS hosted its Third Civil Justice Reform Summit. With a wealth of data from state and federal jurisdictions that are experimenting with innovative case management strategies and new rules of civil procedure, this Summit focused on the landscape of innovation and how lawyers, judges, court personnel, and academics can further advance innovative solutions. 

The Summit was attended by approximately 70 influential rules reformers, federal and state judges, representatives of the National Center for State Courts, representatives of the Federal Judicial Center, and attorneys from around the country. In addition, IAALS welcomed Stanford University School of Engineering Professor Robert Sutton, who spoke regarding the themes from his upcoming book on “scaling excellence.” The event provided opportunities for panelists and attendees to discuss the status of state and federal pilot projects, the rise of expedited trial programs, innovative case management strategies, challenges in measuring change, and the transition from recommendations to reform.

As Colorado Court of Appeals Chief Judge Janice Davidson commented, “We all were there with the same objective: to achieve increased access, trust, and confidence in the courts though significant reduction in costs and delay in civil cases. All of us, in one manner or another, were already deeply involved in local experiments seeking to ultimately achieve that goal. We came poised to take on the formidable next task of wide-spread implementation, or in the words of the keynote speaker, ‘scaling the message.’” In sum, Judge Davidson noted, “This was a highly informative, thought-provoking, and productive Summit. We came excited, we left exhilarated. We can do this.”

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