The use of unbundled legal services is growing rapidly. An increasing number of jurisdictions explicitly allow unbundling and a growing number of attorneys are offering the service. Yet many attorneys remain unaware of its availability. As this method of legal services delivery expands, courts, commentators, and bar associations have created numerous excellent resources on the topic, including readily available websites, webinars, training manuals, power points, and articles.

This guide amasses helpful resources into an easily accessible Frequently Asked Questions format, centered on the fundamentals of unbundled legal services.

Download the guide here, or navigate the guide online through these four main questions:

Through this format, the guide can respond to issues of concern from lawyers with varying levels of sophistication on the subject, as well as provide more in-depth information on issues that remain more contentious and unsettled. The purpose of this guide is to provide information and suggestions that encourage attorneys to offer unbundled legal services.