Gideon Dionne

Gideon is a business attorney with a background in commercial real estate development and operations who has also started and managed multiple companies in related industries. Focused on preemptively providing successful strategies and tactics for his clients, Gideon also helps businesses and entrepreneurs navigate complex transactions and disputes. Gideon utilizes his broad-based business knowledge to protect clients and help them succeed in matters related to mergers and acquisitions, commercial real estate purchase, sale, and leasing, intellectual property, contract negotiation and enforcement, litigation and dispute resolution, and complex corporate transactions.

Prior to Immix, Gideon was the co-founder of InVigor Law Group, a Seattle-based business law firm focused on providing comprehensive legal services to businesses and entrepreneurs. Gideon also served as managing editor of InVigor’s Canal Street Blog. He is also the co-founder of FieldGuide Inc., a professional training and coaching service that makes continuing legal education more interesting, accessible, and enjoyable.