Image of Laura Storovich

As the head of a non profit ministry that has served the homeless community in Down town Denver since 2015, she and her team has had the amazing opportunity to provide, food, clothing, toiletries as well as encouragement and to connect them to local churches, shelters and other resources within the community.

In 2015 she felt a deep and profound sadness for the overwhelming amount of people without basic human needs. Her faith, conviction and compassion could no longer allow to choose apathy instead of action.

Ms. Storovich is a loving mother to 2 girls, Olivia age 11 and Madlyn age 7. She and her girls are devoted to their local church and participating in local outreach projects throughout the year when able.

In 2014 Ms. Storovich was diagnosed with stage 3 hodgkins lymphoma, following 6 months of extensive chemotherapy she was pronounced cancer free and now has a passion to educate herself on preventive medicine, specific to nutrition. She will be attending Purdue university at the start of the spring semester 2019 to attain a BA in nutrition and following her under grad program she will work towards her masters as a registered dietitian.