University of Denver

Marie Jackson

Operations Specialist

Marie Jackson served as the Operations Specialist and Database Manager at IAALS until 2020. She assisted with work involving operations, communications, and development, and came to IAALS in February 2013.

Jackson brought over 25 years of experience to IAALS and a very diverse background in the executive secretarial and administrative assistant field, including several years in office management. She is also a Certified Corporate Trainer through the University of Oklahoma and Mountain States Employer’s Council in Denver, Colorado, and was a Staff Development Coordinator and Corporate Trainer for a large mental health organization in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

Jackson is a published author and motivational speaker for at-risk youth and has spoken at places such as Urban Peak and the Spring Creek Youth Services Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the Journey Conference in Greeley, Colorado, a Youth Development Program for Jersey City Public Schools, and the El Pueblo Adolescent Treatment Center in Pueblo, Colorado.  

Marie graduated from the Pueblo College of Business in 1985 with a diploma in Secretarial/Word Processing and attended Pikes Peak Community College in Colorado Springs.