Wheeler Trigg O'Donnell excels at all stages of complex civil litigation—pretrial, trial, post-trial, and appellate. The firm is recognized nationally for its significant experience in substantive practice areas of interest to corporations, including commercial litigation, product liability, employment, franchise, insurance, personal injury defense, intellectual property, and professional liability.

The firm uses the knowledge gained through its extensive trial experience to its clients' advantage when conducting internal investigations, early case assessments, pre-trial negotiations, and counseling to avoid future litigation. WTO has the ability and resources to respond to clients quickly and to staff matters leanly and efficiently. WTO hires lawyers who have outstanding academic credentials, and the personality, presence, judgment, and other attributes needed to succeed,

Although efficient resolution of disputes is central to the firm's work, it works with clients often to develop and execute litigation strategies designed not only to resolve cases, but also to shape or change the law in ways beneficial to clients' larger litigation and business interests. However, we recognize and accept that litigation strategies must be driven by clients' business strategies and interests – never the other way around. WTO's primary interest is to provide advocacy and advice that best promotes clients' business success.

WTO's core strength is the quality, commitment, and cost-effectiveness of its lawyers. Because of the firm's reputation, the quality of its clients, and the challenges posed by clients' legal problems, the firm has succeeded in attracting and retaining first-rate lawyers at all levels of our professional cadre.

WTO believes it has the rare experience and ability to work successfully with other law firms to accomplish clients' goals. It serves or has served recently as national or regional trial counsel for more than a dozen Fortune 500 companies. The firm can operate at a high level for a relatively small firm not only because of its skill set and experience, but, equally importantly, because it works effectively with other counsel from large national firms, regional firms, and case-specific firms and lawyers throughout the country.