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IAALS administers a Working Group of JPE program administrators and scholars around the country. The Working Group facilitates sharing of ideas and information, as well as identification of problem areas and potential solutions.

IAALS’ JPE Working Group provides the following tools to its participants:

  • Expert assistance: IAALS periodically identifies consultants to assist Working Group members in areas that require special expertise. For example, in advance of the 2014 judicial retention elections, we provided a webinar on using social media and other inexpensive tools to share JPE results.
  • Quarterly calls: IAALS convenes quarterly calls of Working Group participants to discuss recent developments in the states, share new research, and address questions and concerns.

Representatives of 14 states participate in the Working Group.


The members of the JPE Working Group have shown us responsiveness, respectfulness, and humbleness in resolving our issues. We are confident that our judicial evaluation program is sound because we are able to compare procedures and share solutions. — Michael Oki, Research Statistician, Hawaii State Judiciary

When I was hired to design a JPE program for Massachusetts in 2000, it was a great deal of legwork to discover which states had programs and who I should call for information. Any state now starting a program will have it so much easier thanks to IAALS and the working group—a one stop service for nation-wide information. As Massachusetts worked to revise our program recently, it was extremely helpful to be able to query the working group along the way. I look forward to the conference calls as communicating with my counterparts helps me feel less isolated and I respect the experience and knowledge of everyone on the calls. — Mona Hochberg, Former Judicial Performance Evaluation Coordinator Massachusetts

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