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Courts and legal providers are increasingly adopting a customer-centric approach to serving justice system users, and this focus should similarly be built into efforts to reframe legal education. Information on unbundled models (including how to operate an unbundled practice) should be included in law school curriculum. There are several opportunities for modifying law school curriculum:

  • Expose law students to a variety of practice models and law practice options, including the unbundling model.
  • Teach skills associated with a law practice (including an unbundled practice) in addition to legal reasoning and analysis.
  • Parse out and train students on the discrete tasks that might comprise an unbundled practice: advising, mediation, document assembly, coaching before trial, etc.
  • Integrate education on law practice and legal service delivery models into professional responsibility and ethics courses, and test students on commonly encountered or anticipated issues.
  • Ensure diversity in faculty law practice experience to facilitate student exposure to a variety of practice types and diverse client needs.

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