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Are you a university law professor applying innovative teaching strategies in your classroom? If yes, please share with us your teaching methodology, tips, and activities so that we can post them on our website. You can do this one of two ways:

  1. Self-submit individual resources, materials, articles, and videos for inclusion in our robust database of teaching resources.
  2. Work with us to develop a full course portfolio of your innovative course.

Download the Course Submission Form

These submission options are for a professor's submission of materials for posting and display on our website (the "ETL Site") for Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers (“Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers” or "ETL" herein).  ETL is an initiative of the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System ("IAALS") at the University of Denver.  IAALS created, developed and operates the ETL Site.

Submission Requirements & Editorial Process for Submissions

The goal of the course module portion of the website is to feature curricular materials that exemplify innovative teaching in order to celebrate that teaching and facilitate others’ ability to innovate by using or building upon such materials. We welcome and appreciate submissions from faculty members who wish us to consider their materials for posting.

By submitting materials you grant IAALS the non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferrable right and license to copy, reproduce, display, and distribute publicly your materials on the ETL Site and in presentations and informational materials in print and other media about IAALS and Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers.  You also grant IAALS the right to make minor refinements to the materials so as to conform them to the vernacular, format or context of the portion of the ETL Site or other informational materials where your materials are posted or presented.

Importantly, your grant to IAALS is non-exclusive; it does not preclude you from publishing your materials anywhere else, which IAALS encourages and would like to foster.  Moreover, if for some reason you determine that you would like IAALS to remove your materials from the ETL Site, whether because of your publishing activities or for other reason, just let us know and we will promptly remove them.

The ETL Site is intended to facilitate the productive and lawful sharing of information.  In the event a professor’s submission is accepted for posting, in accordance with ETL’s Terms of Use set forth on the ETL Site, visitors are only permitted to use the professor’s materials for a visitor’s own academic, educational, research, teaching, and writing work and activities; for emphasis, the professor’s materials may not be sold, transferred, licensed or otherwise used in any manner involving any income or profit to the visitor or anyone else – for further clarity and without limitation, this is intended to prohibit the visitor from using a professor’s materials in a textbook or other publication for sale or license to a third party.  All rights to a professor’s materials are otherwise reserved by the professor.

Any use of a professor’s materials not within the scope of the paragraph above must be in accordance with the United States Copyright Act of 1976, as amended, and Section 107 thereunder (Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair Use) and prevailing publishing and academic standards as to proper credit and attribution for third party sources.

The posting of a professor’s materials does not render IAALS liable or responsible, and IAALS shall not be liable or responsible in any respect, for a visitor’s use or misuse of a professor’s materials or for any other event or circumstance as to the posting or usage of a professor’s materials.

The threshold requirements for Course Portfolio consideration are

  1. You must complete the full submission form below;
  2. The materials must either represent a whole course or a substantial aspect of the course;
  3. The course must have been taught - it cannot be an idea for a course yet to be taught; and
  4. The proposal must integrate two or more of the Carnegie apprenticeships.

The editorial process for Course Portfolios is as follows:

  1. The submission will be reviewed for completeness and threshold compliance.
  2. If it meets the requirements, it will then be circulated to members of the ETL editorial team for review. The process is competitive. The review process will take 30 days.
  3. If the submission is approved, the professor will hear from us and we will develop a schedule for posting and announcing the full course portfolio.

Download the Course Submission Form