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Expert Opinion

Expert Opinion: Process Matters in Legal Regulation Reform

Anna Carpenter
Alyx Mark
We’re researchers who study legal services regulation and access to the civil justice system. We’ve been thrilled to watch groundbreaking announcements from the West ignite a wide-ranging national debate about how best to regulate legal training, services, and businesses—and we’ve been paying special attention to the...

Expert Opinion: No Small Measures: We Must Radically Reconsider Lawyer Licensure and the Bar Exam

Logan Cornett
Zachariah DeMeola
The pandemic’s disruption to the status quo brought with it a critical view of the bar exam, how it is administered, and whether it actually tests what it purports to. The status quo—and tinkering around its edges—is not good enough. It is time we had the courage and will to look beyond the assumptions that underpin...

Expert Opinion: State Courts, You’ve Had the Framework to Adapt to COVID-19 All Along

Brooke Meyer
Courts currently face a backlog of civil cases that have been placed on hold since mid-March, as well as a predicted wave of case filings stemming from the pandemic. Courts need a framework to adapt to their new reality—and they already have that framework and tools to make meaningful and mandatory changes.

Expert Opinion: In the Face of a Justice Crisis, There Is Strength in Numbers

Brittany Kauffman
Courts around the country are focused on staying open to ensure access to justice is available; however, with so many doing so much, we need to ensure cross-pollination of these varied ideas by sharing knowledge and combining our collective intellectual capacity across the various silos within our system.

Expert Opinion: The Legal Profession's Leaky Pipeline Is Leaving Black Americans Behind

Zachariah DeMeola
The legal profession is fraught with systemic barriers to entry that form ripple effects on the road to becoming a lawyer. The pathway is much like narrow pipeline—entry is limited and every segment is springing leaks, disproportionately affecting people of color along the way—creating a profession that is among the...

Voice Lessons: What We Can Learn by Listening to People Who've Been to Court

Janet Drobinske
Dedicated judges, attorneys, and court administrators have the power to establish justice in our modern time. By gathering the input of those who use the court system, who rely on it to decide some of the most important issues in our lives—like divorce and child custody—we help ensure that the courts function in a way...

Expert Opinion: Trusting the Public’s Perception of Our Justice System

Natalie Anne Knowlton
The public knows the reality of how the justice system functions today. It is we who are now catching on. The call has never been louder for court leaders and system stakeholders to accept and admit some hard truths. It is time that we look inward and take responsibility for those aspects of the system that are...