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Iowa State Bar Association Released Its Biennial Survey of Attorneys on Judges and Justices

Alli Gerkman
The Iowa State Bar Association has released its biennial survey of practicing attorneys on judges and justices up for retention this November. The survey showed high approval ratings for all Iowa judges and justices, and the Bar Association plans to “urge voters this fall to retain all judges.”

Iowa GOP chairman calls for ouster of another Supreme Court justice (Updated)

Alli Gerkman
The state Republican Party chair called for voters to remove one of four supreme court justices standing for retention in November. Justice David Wiggins participated in the 2009 unanimous ruling that legalized same-sex marriage in the state, and three of his colleagues lost their bids for retention in 2010. Iowans...

Iowa: Party Platform Calls for Impeachment of Judges Who Recognize Right to Same-Sex Marriage

Alli Gerkman
The proposed 2012 platform of the Iowa Republican Party calls for state legislators to impeach judges who recognize a right to same-sex marriage and supports eliminating the role of the state judicial nominating commission in selecting judges and requiring senate confirmation. The platform will be voted on a the party...

Iowa: Group That Led 2010 Campaign to Unseat Justices to Target Another in November (Updated)

Alli Gerkman
The same group that led the effort to unseat three justices in the 2010 retention elections announced that it will challenge the sole justice on the ballot this November , Justice David Wiggins, because of his participation in the 2009 unanimous decision that overturned the state’s ban on same-sex marriage. Though the...