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Evaluation of Experiential Law School Program Proves Graduates “Ahead of the Curve”

Zachary Willis
Are law school graduates ready to enter the profession, engage in the practice, and serve clients? Many law schools have developed more robust experiential training in recent years. One such program is educating law students who are outperforming their colleagues in the field who have been licensed to practice law for...

Long-Awaited Results from Pilot Project Experimentation around the Country Begin to Filter In

Brittany Kauffman
For those who have been awaiting empirical analysis from the pilot project and rules reform experimentation that has been going on around the country, there are two new significant reports from the earliest of the projects—from New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Both reports provide helpful insights into state pilot...

Governor Hassan Renews New Hampshire's Commitment to Quality Judicial Appointments and Quality Courts

John T. Broderick, Jr.
As a former Chief Justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court and a current member of the IAALS Board of Advisors, I commend Governor Maggie Hassan for her wisdom in establishing the Judicial Selection Commission to advise her in filling vacancies on our state’s courts. Such a commission ensures that political...

Governor Hassan Creates Judicial Selection Commission by Executive Order

Malia Reddick
Governor Maggie Hassan signed an executive order establishing a judicial selection commission to advise her in filling vacancies on the state’s courts. Hassan is the third New Hampshire governor to create such an entity. The first was Governor Jeanne Shaheen in 2000, a response at least in part to the impeachment of a...

Post-Election Selection Snapshots: An Overview of the 2012 Campaigns and Elections that Affected Courts and Judges

Malia Reddick
This special edition of Selection Snapshots provides an overview of the challenges to judicial retention, court-related ballot measures, supreme court elections, public financing of judicial campaigns, and judicial campaign oversight committees.
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