University of Denver

In Advanced Advocacy: Legislative Policy, the Legislative Process Is Learned Best through Experiencing It

It is Professor Whitney’s belief that “teaching skills and professional identity really is not so much about teaching it but, guiding them as they explore for themselves.”

Advanced Advocacy: Legislative Policy, the latest Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers course portfolio, incorporates theory and practice of the legislative processes, advocacy in the legislative context, and judicial interpretation of statutory law. This is an upper level simulation course with an emphasis on research, drafting, and presentation for a genuine legislative immersion experience. Through it, law students learn about the components of written and oral persuasive discourse as well as the importance of using plain, clear, and concise language.

The course begins with a foundation of doctrinal material but then quickly becomes hands-on, where the students write memos and position papers on legislative issues, select a policy issue for which they draft legislation for enactment, and present their work to a "mock legislative committee" made up of legislators, legislative counsel, or other practitioners involved in the legislative process.

Review the full course portfolio, which includes the course description, materials, and video with Prof. Whitney.