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Cast of "West Wing" Urges Voting in Nonpartisan Supreme Court Elections

Associate Director of Communications

The cast of "West Wing" has reunited to film two short web videos, urging voters to participate in nonpartisan state supreme court elections. One video specifically plugs Michigan Supreme Court candidate Bridget Mary McCormack while the other is a geared toward a more national audience. The videos, which were released Thursday, September 20, aim to prevent the drop-off in voters who vote for other elected officials but skip the nonpartisan portion of the ballot, including the judiciary. According to, drop-off in participation in Michigan ranges from roughly 25 percent to 39 percent.

McCormack's sister, Mary McCormack, played Deputy National Security Advisor Kate Harper on the hit NBC drama and helped organize the video and participation of the cast. McCormack and two other Democratic nominees are running against two Republican-nominated incumbent justices and a circuit court judge; party affiliation does not appear on the ballot for the Michigan Supreme Court election.