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Early Results from Minnesota Pilot Project Suggest Reduction in Delays

Brittany Kauffman
Early results from Minnesota’s Expedited Litigation Track (ELT) pilot program suggest a reduction in the delays generally caused by either the discovery process or the filing of continuances. The ELT provides a more expedited process for select civil cases (such as personal injury and consumer credit) in two counties...

Minnesota Proposal Would Allow Families to Divorce Entirely Outside the Legal System

Hunter Metcalf
Minnesota legislators are proposing an alternative to traditional divorce proceedings—the Cooperative Private Divorce. The bill aims to allow couples to form divorce agreements without filing with the court or needing a judge's sign-off. The reform will not replace the current, court-administered divorce system, but...

Diverse Coalition Works to Preserve Judicial Quality and Public Trust in Minnesota

Malia Reddick
In Minnesota, a broad-based group known as the Coalition for Impartial Justice, which includes more than 30 business, labor, religious, citizen, and legal groups, is working to implement the 2007 recommendations of the Quie Commission. The commission was unanimous in calling for the adoption of a "merit selection"...