University of Denver

Civil Justice Reform Summit—Coming this September

Former Senior Director

On September 20th and 21st in Denver, IAALS will host our Third Civil Justice Reform Summit. IAALS was responsible in 2007 for convening a number of prominent and committed leaders from across the country who recognized the need for reform in the civil justice system. The second Summit in 2009 identified the importance of collecting data and evaluating proposed solutions to the problems of cost and delay. Now, with a wealth of data from state and federal jurisdictions that are experimenting with innovative case management strategies and new rules of civil procedure, this Summit will focus on the landscape of innovation and how lawyers, judges, court personnel, and academics can further advance innovative solutions.

A number of influential Rules reformers, federal and state judges, representatives of the National Center for State Courts, and attorneys from around the country are all scheduled to participate. In addition, we are excited to welcome Stanford University School of Engineering Professor Robert Sutton as keynote speaker. He will address themes from his upcoming book on “scaling excellence.” Please contact the Manager of the Rule One Initiative, Brittany Kauffman, for more information about the Summit.